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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Janice Rosema and Excavations!

Through Etsy I've met some amazing artists! Most recently, I purchased a pattern from janicerosema, and thanks to her ideas, I was able to produce this very interesting wrapped cord necklace. Do take a look at both her Etsy shops for fabulous patterns, designs, and supplies and her blog!

Reconfigure Me Wrapped Cord Necklace Reconfigure Me Wrapped Cord Necklace Reconfigure Me Wrapped Cord Necklace Reconfigure Me Wrapped Cord Necklace

The story of this neckwrap is a hoot. As many of you know, I am an obsessed thrifter! I was at my favorite little haunt in Wilmington, the Bargain Box, where I stumbled upon a pair of LONG men's sneaker shoelaces ($.50) and then some interesting bright blue yarn (.$50). Then, using Janice's instructions, I wrapped - and wrapped - and wrapped! Not wanting to create something that looked like Janice's work, I did some freeform crochet, added some hand-dyed silk chiffon, and beads. It fits over the head and can then be arranged (and reconfigured) to create a variety of looks to suit the wearer. There are several views on flickr too.

Through my association with Janice, I began to look at her shops - she has two - on Etsy.  The second one, called Excavations, is devoted to extraordinary supplies for knitting, felting, and more.  Some are hand-dyed, hand-spun; others are commercial products that I happen to use and enjoy frequently.  I ordered some Lambs Pride wool/mohair blend from her - glorious colors - and so far, I've produced two colorful little Sassy Sacs with just some of the yarn she sent.

Feisty Blue Sassy Sac Deep Periwinkle Sassy Sac

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