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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ginny's Bag! A REAL BEAUTY!

Today it is my pleasure to write about one of my bestest friends in Porters Neck! Ginny is an inspiration to me in her creative endeavors: counted cross-stitch, quilting, collecting, and now knitting and felting. She took the felted bag workshop a few weeks ago with me (mine was the one that sold right here off my blog - without even listing it on Etsy!) Ginny's is gorgeous! I'll have her send me a photo of that handfelted one to show you all!

But she has also been doing knitted felting and has excelled at this particular style, embellished with buttons and bows. There is a funny/sad story associated with this bag. The second one she made - a remake for someone who saw hers and asked her to custom make one for HER - managed to get itself STOLEN from Ginny's car. Can you believe that? She had run into a local sewing shop to buy ribbon and buttons for the latest bag and apparently left the car unlocked. When she returned, THE BAG WAS GONE!!! She looked everywhere - all over the car, in the parking lot, in the dumpster behind the shop, went back the next day to search more. How sad!!! Apparently someone got a new, handfelted but EMPTY bag in the process, probably thinking that it was the driver's bag, replete with wallet, credit cards, etc. Imagine that person's disappointment in discovering there was absolutely NOTHING inside the bag. Imagine Ginny's disappointment is finding it gone!

No doubt the thief simply tossed it somewhere, ANYWHERE, in disgust. The joke's on WHOM??? But poor Ginny was devastated. So it is with pride and compassion that I show you her latest replacement for the stolen bag. 
And it's another beauty!


Anonymous said...

The bag is gorgeous; hate the other one was stolen...bummer!

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