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Sunday, February 22, 2009


I'm enamored with this felting thing!  So when I captured a Treasury the other day, I paid tribute to those who make felted cuffs/bracelets.  Twelve wonderful cuffs later, I had developed this thing called "Felt Cuffed?" on Treasury West.  

Felt Cuffed?  Treasury by Scarfitup!

THAT inspired me to try my hand once again at wetfelting, using the remainder of the lovely roving from my workshop last month combined with some other wools I had in my stash. Here is the result - although the photos don't do justice to the actual piece. I had great fun again and can't wait to do more.

Here is "Dream Clutch." Unfortunately the true colors are deeper and richer than what appears in this photo.
Dream Felt Art Clutch

My next experiment will be a flap bag now that I understand much better the whole idea of using "resists" to make three dimensional felts. 

STAY TUNED.................!

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Deb said...

Louise: Obviously I'm on a steep learning curve about this whole Internets Tubular presence. I had never check for comments. Sorry about that. I'd love to chat with you. Your stuff is gorgeous.

Deb Norton

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