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Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Time to Grieve, A Time to Heal, A Time to Create.....!

The well has run dry, at least for the moment, and while I won't quickly forget our Max, I realize it's time to get back to my life! The house is so quiet - but it is also so clean! I spent the day of his death cleaning, cleaning, cleaning - and crying! I've stopped both, and the house is still clean! That is different!

I also started knitting again, the results of which are here. There are several projects in progress, but they are boring ones that may get completed eventually. This is a remake of Winter Splendor that sold this week on Etsy. A local friend had had her eye on it, so I made this with the remaining yarn (a luscious one I found in Prescott AZ during a recent trip). There wasn't enough, so I added another softie. It's not the same, but perhaps she will like it. It has a square ceramic button on it (can't see it in this photo) from Muddy Muse, a local button and bead-maker, also on Etsy. Other photos available on flickr.

My friend Joan invited me to attend the Knitting Guild meeting today, so I'm hoping to meet some other knitters and be inspired by their work. Despite strong sales lately, I am bored and could use a good shot in the arm for inspiration.

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