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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thanks to So Many of You!

The week has certainly had its ups and downs! I've had three Etsy sales this week, three at Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts (that I know of!), a trade with SandFibers, and a private sale - that's all I can think of or know of at the moment! This could be a record for me!

I have met/made some extraordinary cyber-friends this week, through Etsy sales and otherwise, artists themselves, most notably Lisa of Feathers and Treasures and Robin. I joined Fiber Focus, and that is becoming a very interesting site for the fiber-minded! And I am quickly learning the positive vibes from Ravelry, an amazing knit/crochet resource.

So that's been the good of the week! Of course the absence of Max has cast a pall over the household, but we are surviving, and we WILL. Last night we had our next-door neighbors (who lost their Moosie the day after Max) over to dinner. It was hard, but while we shed a few tears over our beloved pets, we also shared a bunch of laughs and memories of Max and Moose as well as of the collection of respective pets that came before them. So.....Samantha and Babe, we toasted to your memory along with Max and Moose.

So now I must get on with some belated Etsy thank yous. Earlier this week, Boutikihut kindly included one of my pieces in her Treasury. It's long-gone now, but I don't want it forgotten. As usual, I like to showcase something from the curator's own Etsy shop. So here is WOW! by Boutikihut, in which she included my WOW! Red Hot Wow Freeform Necklace, still available in my Etsy shop. And here is an item from her shop that would have fit well with her WOW! theme: Gunne Sax Vintage 80's Prom Party Dress 11/12 Red Black

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Fiber Focus said...

Thanks for mentioning Fiber Focus! I have the google blogger alert, so whenever it is mentioned, I get an alert (which is not often enough!). I'm glad you are enjoying it- make it yours! And, you're friends are welcome, too!

Your blog is beautifully done!

Fiber Arts Bloggers