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Friday, September 12, 2008

New Treasuries TODAY!!!!

YES!!!! Treasuries Plural! THREE of them!!!

I feel blessed! And I really need to feel blessed today! Our 11 year old pup, Max (a normally high-spirited PBGV), is very sick. I'm just waiting now for my husband to get home so we can take him AGAIN to the vet! So thank you NightSkyJewelry and Tamaran for featuring my work in your respective Treasuries today. Each has produced very beautiful Treasuries for our viewing pleasure!

First is NighSkyJewlry's "A Splash of Gold" in which she has featured work from artists she has hearted over the past few months. She graciously included my Techno Freeform Multimedia Necklace/Neckwrap. And to thank her for this honor, I have selected Opposites Attract - Black Onyx and Freshwater Keishi Pearl Earrings from her Etsy shop - a beautiful piece that could so easily have been a part of her own Treasury.

And next is Tamaran's "The Finer Things," a simply stunning array of handknitted and crocheted fiber - art to wear with joy and pride! She selected my Winter Splendor Cachecol - one I happen to love very much! So here is her Treasury and a wonderful item from her own shop that could very well have been featured in her Treasury!

Ragamuffin with Snowflakes by Tamaran

And then there is the absolutely AWESOME SandFibers' Treasury West, called "Farewell to Summer."

Carol Dean Sharpe (aka Sandfibers) has included my Winter Splendor Cachecol in this one, and I am including her Farewell to Summer Peyote Cuff here to thank her. Of course this beauty belongs right in her own Treasury! And if you are not already familiar with her work, then you are in for a treat when you visit her shop, her flickr site, and her blog!


Carol Dean said...

Thank you, Louise, for featuring my treasury and my pendant :D The pendant actually inspired the treasury, so it's perfect that you picked it!

Robin said...

Hi there. I stumbled accross your beautiful creations while looking for scarves. I don't have etsy and would love to be able to email, contact you. There is one recently posted.. i cant remember the name that i just love. All of your work is exquisite.


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