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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Be the Change Treasury by IamJewelee Or is it Kimbuktu?

OK, OK, so I am so confused! I see this Treasury right now on Etsy, and it appears to be by IamJewelee! But it apparently was designed and created by kimbuktu. So far, I have no clue how this happened, why it happened, but my thanks to whoever really created it and included my piece! Maybe the name is the clue here!

Here is one of Kimbuktu's fabulous fabric bags that would have a place of honor in HER Treasury: Blue Jean Batik Beach Baby Bag

Happy! Happy! I listed my Techno Multimedia Neckwrap just yesterday, and despite low views, it appears in a Treasury just now - a beauty called Be the Change by IamJewelee!

To thank IamJewelee (awesome shop, BTW!), here is an item from her shop that would fit very well with the theme of her own Treasury! It's called "Light Blue RHINESTONE Flower on Chocolate Brown...Scrabble Tile Pendant." I LOVE it!


Carol Dean said...

Louise, I've nominated you for the "Brillante Weblog"...more here:

Imjewelee said...

Thank you for your kind words and I did create the original be the change treasury and now there is another one titled the same "Be the is funny it changed. Here is the link to mine!
Thanks for the huge pendant appreciation..WOW! You have a beauty full BLOG! ♥Julee

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