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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Scarfitup for Scarfitup (for Those in Need)

An unusual request appeared in my Scarfitup Convo box on Etsy the other day from Scarf It Up. An organizer for this Kentucky-based non-profit by the same name as my fiber arts business stumbled upon my website. She sent me a convo explaining their mission and asked if I would be willing to donate an item to their upcoming fundraiser. Their organization describes itself as "a program that gathers and distributes handmade scarves to inner city youth, homeless, the elderly and others in need."

Scarfitup makes and donates scarves (and other warmly knitted winterwear) to those in their community who are needy. In fact, Tammy (my contact - and I'm not sure of her position within the group) signed onto Etsy as "Needy." But she chose that not to imply her own needs but those far less fortunate. Their website contains a long list of agencies they support. So what better way to help others than for this Scarfitup to help another Scarfitup! I feel good about this.

I often donate my work to organizations locally and those with which I am familiar. I'd have been very leery of this request if I hadn't also seen their NPO in my own google searches. I scrutinized a little further and felt very comfortable with its legitimacy. I said, "YES!" So....I am off to the P.O. in a few minutes to ship my scarf. Here is the scarf I selected to them, called Mauve Mania.


Carol Dean said...

Good for you, Louise. I have a few scarves laying around that I haven't bothered to relist. I might get in touch with them.

Scarf It Up! said...

Thanks, Carol Dean! I imagine they would be happy to have them.

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