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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Laboring on Labor Day!

I have always considered Labor Day JUST THAT! A day to labor before Summer ends - although not officially - and school begins. Labor Day always marks the beginning of something for me: being a student, being a teacher, being a career counselor in an academic setting, getting the kids off to their own school settings and activities.

I always measured my year from September to June! It's only since my employment with Duke ended in February that I went out and bought a REAL calendar - one that actually began in January and ended in December. And still, I think of beginnings. Now that I am "retired," I live those academic calendars vicariously through my children and grandchildren. One daughter is a school psychologist, and she begins her school year on Tuesday - with a new job, I might add. And the other daughter, who has three school-age kids, has already sent them off - this year to three separate schools.

But for me, Labor Day always meant doing all the things I didn't get to do in the summer and needed to get done before I started my own work once again. And I always resented all that laboring! So instead of that, I "worked" all day yesterday and four hours today at Port City Pottery and Fine Crafts, where there was loads of traffic and some sales too! And I'm happy to say that tomorrow - the real Labor Day - the only thing I have pressing is the completion of a tennis match, already postponed THREE times due to rain! And we had won the first set, were losing the second set, and so my job is to do something right on the court tomorrow so we can win this match!

Such is my life right now! Can't really complain!

While I was working both days, I also completed some new fiber art - photos are NOT ideal! The black and cream is a remake of the scarf sold yesterday at PCPFC. And this wild and funky rainbow scarf in nubby, bumpy, Sheela yarn: Oh, and I guess I WILL vacuum and straighten up the house! Such is life! Laboring on Labor Day!

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