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Sunday, July 06, 2008

MysticSilks' Etsy Treasury!

You Are So Beautiful to Me!


I just found myself in MysticSilks' latest BBest Treasury, called "You Are So Beautiful too ME!" It's a lovely collection of yellows and greens, and she has selected my Butterfly Kisses ladder scarf to include in it. Thanks so much, Klaire.

Here is her Treasury, and a lovely example of her hand-dyed silks, also in keeping with the color theme of her Treasury - a gorgeous pillow called:

Heart Hand Designed Silk Pillow by MysticSilks.


Mystic Silks said...

How beautiful this blog turned out.

But, it's the treasury that is so beautiful--and I love your scarf!

Madison said...

Really beautiful craft items for any home!! Love these!!

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