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Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fourth of July! And New Beaded Golf Stroke Counters!

Beaded Golf Stroke Counters!

It's the evening of the Fourth of July, and we've had a very QUIET day! Just now we're listening to the Boston Pops concert on TV and the sound of fireworks from the waterfront in downtown Wilmington.

I've had an interesting day of creating something new - from an idea that a friend in my community mentioned while we were doing water aerobics the other day. She is a golfer (I play tennis, so I'm not familiar with this!) and suggested I make golf stroke markers for the ladies of Porters Neck. I borrowed one from another golfer and have now proceeded in making four of them - the first prototype was a bomb, but then I figured out how to expedite the process and produced these - kinda cute and perhaps salable! Susie is going to show them around to her golfer friends and see if we can generate some business.

You may not know what to do with these! I had no clue! But it's really quite simple. The Stroke Counter clips onto your belt loop or your golf bag. For every hole, you move one bead down for each stroke you take (there are 10 beads on the counter), and once you've completed the hole, you write down your score on the scorecard. This accessory helps you keep track of your score for every hole. Quite clever! I didn't invent the concept, of course, but I've designed these using various beads, ribbon, other fiber, and a swivel clasp.

See the first four in the collection on Picasa:
Beaded Golf Stroke Counters by Scarf It Up!
What do you think?

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