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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Design Whim!

I feel so LUCKY!!!! I've met a delightful woman from TX through Etsy! She purchased my Creamy Hobo scarf last week and then commissioned two additional scarves - another Hobo (this one in my favorite colors of black, rust, brown, orange, apricot) AND a new version of the Bernadetta scarf. You can see them both here.

Bernadetta is the name of the scarf I created for myself for my very first-ever art exhibition two years ago this month! I LOVED it so much, and it meant so much to me. However, one of my friends and loyal supporters coveted that scarf. Her husband secretly contacted me and persuaded me to sell it to him as a Valentine's gift for his wife! How sweet! I couldn't say no!

So....I made another one - and that one sold on ETSY! My latest customer saw it in my "SOLDS" section and also on my flickr site. She asked me to make one for her - similar colors / same technique. And here it is!

Oddly enough, someone bought a Bernadetta scarf in black yesterday at the Gallery. She LOVED it! I have another black one at home - having just recently removed it from the Gallery. I haven't been making that design lately, and now I realize that perhaps I SHOULD!!!! Any ideas on color combos to consider for Spring?

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knitsteel said...

Texas has been good to me this year! a man,not a woman, different customer.
Maybe we should all advertise in Texas.

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