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Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Etsy Treasury! GEOMETRY

I find the concept of creating Treasuries just awesome! For me it's the technology available for this purpose that turns me on (thank you, Etsy!) I choose a theme and then look for wonderful work and photography amongst the Etsy artists. The fun for me is in the development of the whole.

BUT.....I am overwhelmed by the number of Treasuries now and find that I haven't time to look through them, either with an artistic appreciation in mind or for shopping. I wonder if others feel similarly. I LOVED it when there were only 100+ of them at once - a much more manageable number than the current 333 (which often climbs to 400+). Who has the time or inclination to look through all that?

Here's mine! It's called "GEOMETRY" and will be available here for the next two days.

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