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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

SassyLu Designs

I LOVE collaborating! What a joy to work with Andrea Cumming and her SassyGlass designs! Together we have developed some very interesting new neck pieces. Not sure if this is really collaborating - because I choose pendants from amongst her collection, bring them into my stash space (the laundry room!) and start pulling fibers from the various bins and cubbies. Often sitting on the floor, I start experimenting with combos (sometimes it takes a VERY long time, with many trials and rip-outs and frustrations before I find just the right combination of fibers). I do the same with my husband's ceramic/clay pendants! Yes, frustrating but so much fun to find just the right colors, textures, wraps, etc.

Here are this week's SassyLu results!

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