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Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Day at the Gallery

As members of Port City Pottery and Fine Crafts (Wilmington NC), my husband and I are required to work there 3 days per month. It's always a pleasure to do so, and I always have the same reaction as I open up in the morning. It's a delightful gasp of joy at seeing such a beautiful gallery filled with such amazing handcrafted pottery, art quilts, fused glass, pine needle baskets, and MY KNITTING even! It is so much more a pleasure when people actually buy MY items while I happen to be working there.

Today I sold THREE pieces of my work!!! One person even bought two: the triangular scarf and one of my necklaces that combined fiber with Andrea Cumming's glass pendant. In addition, one of my felted bags (one that I thought NO ONE would ever love) was so loved by someone that she ran back to get her money to snap it up instantly!

I'm a happy camper as a result! It's been a good month so far for me at the Gallery - in a month that is notoriously slow in retail. Then there were some other very interested people who came in as I was labeling and inventorying new work that I couldn't sell right then and there because it hadn't been juried in yet. They wanted to see all the new cachecols and other winter scarves. It was a great feeling to have one's work valued so obviously!

In addition, I have a custom order from my community for a mother of the bride bag! YAY!!!

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angelique said...

That is a scrumptious scarf!!!

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