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Saturday, April 28, 2007


I have to admit it was a stunning success! A brilliant idea to coordinate the grand opening with the first "Fourth Friday Gallery Walk" night of the season. It helps that there are 19 artists involved in Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts, and every one of us invited a gazillion people to attend. And attend they did - in droves! At times there was barely room to move, and miraculously there was no breakage. There were also huge amounts of sales!

My husband and I both sold items last night, and we have both had an excellent first month at PCPFC! T has almost depleted his stock of pottery! Due to the last 3 months of illness and hospitalizations, he has produced slowly, but now that he is back in his stride, he is producing like crazy. Good thing (in all respects), because his pinch pottery bowls are flying out the door as fast as he can produce them!

I promised a photo of the whole outfit! I got lots of wonderful compliments as I unveiled this new style of necklace. I even made earrings to match! But the very best comment of the evening was from a woman who looked me up and down and said: "I love your SKIRT!" LOL!


Evelyn said...

And that's a fabulous black top you're wearing too. lol

Carol Dean said...

I want a closeup of those earrings! The necklace is fantastic. Now get back into your cubby-hole and stop competing with us jewelry designers. Just kidding. Your work is uniquely YOU :D

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