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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Brand New Design

OK, so I get bored easily! And I LOVE the creative process. So....I have newly developed a design for a necklace that combines knitting and crochet! I will unveil it at the Grand Openinbg of Port City Pottery and Fine Crafts on Friday night. Of course, I had to find a smashing outfit to wear (it's a long, irregular-hemmed tan skirt with a black scoop-necked top, and a fabric and wood belt.) It needed some pizzazz!Since it's warm in NC and we expect quite a crowd Friday night at the Opening, I couldn't design a scarf (too hot!). It had to be some type of neckband. So here is the prototype. I'll add a photo of the whole outfit (perhaps minus the face!) after the event and report on the event itself then.


Amanda1 said...

OOOH, I like it! I'd love to see a pic of the whole ensemble!

Amanda1 said...

What part of NC are you in? My family may be moving there in a couple years.

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