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Monday, February 03, 2020

Why Don't I Keep Up This Blog?

Goggle Analytics tells me that I've had dozens of visitors to my blog in the last month!  My apologies to anyone who came to take a peek only to find the last posting to be from almost a year ago!  No excuses.....just other more pressings things in life!  If you're reading this and have taken the time to visit my blog, please leave me a comment so I know when people have indeed visited.

The last year has had some interesting developments.  A year ago I announced and showed my display at Going Local in Mayfaire.  I am no longer there, although they have moved yet again within Mayfaire near the Cinema, and the shop is great!  It just wasn't so for me.  I do far batter downtown at Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts, and so I decided not to divide my time or product line between the two places.

But I have been producing in knit/crochet AND felting.  It has been a productive year with good results.  I have taken (or attempted to take) several online felting classes; I've joined a local "Slow Stitchers" group with extremely talented members in different fiber/textile arts; I've been to Nova Scotia to a Jane Thornley knitting retreat and got to actually meet my long-time kindred spirit/twin/scrabble-lover!  I traveled there with my great travel buddy, Ginny Thompson, and we proved again that we do indeed make very compatible travel "partners in crime!"

I always determine to post my latest creations on FB (Scarf It Up and Louise Giordano), Instagram, and flickr, but don't always succeed in keeping up.  So here are some recent photos to entice you to perhaps visit my website or Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts or message me if interested in purchasing something you see here.

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