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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

State of the Art, Art of the State at Cameron Art Museum - September 20 - February 12

It only happens every three years, an event that features artwork from anyone in NC!  The work is accepted (no jurors, no fees) during a 24 hour period only, and the opening reception takes places only hours later.  It is an enormous opportunity to display one piece of art, speak with world-renowned curators, and see the huge variety of mediums, talents, and scope of creativity that exists in NC.

The event itself is awesome.  The process is daunting. The video posted on Cameron's website is of the 2011 event, when they gave themselves just ONE HOUR between accepting artwork and the opening reception.  More sane this time, but just as crazy for the staff, artists, curators, staff, and many volunteers!

I arrived at about 8 PM hoping it would be less crowded.  I had number 455, and they were only at 360 or thereabouts.  I had forgotten my phone but had my iPad and the museum's wifi, so I knew I could settle in and wait.  After talking to some artists I didn't know, I found a group of artists from my gallery, Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts, sitting at a table in the café right near the bar.  They had numbers before mine, but I knew I'd be well-entertained at least for a good while.  Thanks to Dick Heiser, Marilyn Blackard, Melanie Walter, Dianne Masi, and Pat Holleman - and then later to Pat and Harry Hart - for making it an TRULY enjoyable experience!  Much laughter and discussion, serious and not so serious!

I decided I didn't need to speak to a curator - although now I'm sorry I didn't - so my wait time was only three hours!  My erroneous rationale was that they probably didn't know much about felting.  My entered piece is this nuno felt wrap/shawl/ wallhanging/table runner, called Sea Inspiration.  I brought it on a hanger for display, knowing they would not have space for a mannequin.  In addition, I didn't want to be minus mannequin through Feb 12 when this show ends.

Imagine my delight when I saw the TOP panoramic photo on FB with my piece centered in the image! I does indeed have a very nice and prominent spot, which I noticed the moment I walked through the entrance to the exhibit.  AND….there was NOTHING else like it in the display of almost 700 artists.  HAPPY!

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