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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Felting Frenzy!

Why is it that some creative endeavors and experiments become passions?  I've found that happening with felting.  It has elements of design, color, texture, mystique and mystery, sensuousness, tactile pleasure and aggression, and so much more.  The play of silk (and other fabrics) and wool is magic. The surprise results keep one going even when exhausted, because its physicality endures long and hardy.  I CAN'T STOP FELTING!!!

This could be a problem, as the only place in my house where I can do this type of fiber artwork is in my kitchen.  I can manage to keep the mess for several days, neglecting most everything else, but then it's necessary to clean it all up.  I wish I had a permanent space to keep the mess, so it's always ready and available for even small amounts of time when I could dabble with design, give a roll, rub, or throw here or there, or even pull out potential material combinations for the next project.

Yesterday I started a new Fiona Duthie online class - this one in bag-making.  I've taken two other classes on seamless bag-making, but I've never repeated the process enough to feel I have a handle on it.  So….true to my "do it yesterday" modus operandi, I couldn't wait for the videos that accompany the class to be released today, but plunged ahead using only the written and photographed materials.  I'M STUCK!!!  Not sure if the instructions were unclear or if I just messed up, but I have an unfelted bag with resist on the kitchen counter, wool, bubble wrap, towels, soap, etc. all over the kitchen.  AND….I have to go to work today, so my felting time is limited!

To be continued……..!

Oh, and BTW, someone asked me if the wraps could be used decoratively as well as wearably, such as table runner or wall hanging.  While I think it would be difficult to decide which side to show, here are photos of these pieces on my dining room table.  What do you think?

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