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Monday, August 25, 2014


Just taught my class in Artfelt and forgot to take a single photo! DUH!!!  I can't believe it!  And it was a GOOD class!  Two students and a lurker!  2 and1/2 hours later, each had a cuff and a square sample from which to make a brooch on their own. The students were thrilled - as was I!

I've just emailed them both to see if they could photograph their pieces right away to show the felting and then to show how they have finished them for wearing or selling.  I think the results were stunning, and I know once dry and fashioned into a cuff and brooch respectively, they will be knock-outs!

In the meantime, I can only show my pieces….using wool roving and colors that I was happy to part with.  Not a fan of pinks and purples (except hot pink), these are not my faves. Tomorrow I'll finish them as brooch (left) and cuff (right) and show photos.  

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