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Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Change-Over

The scarf SOLD yesterday!
Isn't it always welcoming to change to clothes for a new season?  As a child, I always remember my mother rearranging her closet for the upcoming season.  And as I grew up, I too moved clothes and accessories for easier access.  Now I have a closet that accommodates most of my clothes for all seasons, so I might just move a few things - or perhaps just clean it up and out.  I HATE to give up clothes - of course, if you keep them long enough, they'll come back into style.  That is currently the case with some shoes I've kept....the 2" chunky stacked heel is back!
But it's also a welcome time to feel renewed. And as the weather cools (not so much in the South), it's good to see and try on the Fall and Winter clothes.  Do they fit?  Are they still stylish?  Repairs? Throw-outs? Donations? I do wish I could manage to get rid of more, but alas.....most everything fits (although in some cases a little differently!  Hmmm?)

Change is good and necessary at my gallery too.  At Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts, I have three areas that I can call my own, and I am careful to stay within those boundaries.  As I spent most of yesterday morning pulling pastels and lightweight Scarf It Up! pieces, I was amazed at how much I have produced over time.  I opened my storage boxes in the back room to find many warm scarves, felted bags, and much more. And I have been working like a fiend to create more for Fall and Winter, especially for the two shows coming up in November. I'm holding all that back for those shows, so these photos represent some of what I found there.  WOW!  I think I can stop "fiending!" now.

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