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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy New Year 1013 - The First Project!

OH, MY!  I can't seem to get this completed.  This is my 4th attempt to write this!

Well, we're already into week two of the new year, and I've not blogged in far too long.  Busy and fun holiday season, with both daughters and family visiting, some parties, and New Year's Eve here with some good friends/neighbors.

Now it's a new year,  joined a gym (I hate it!), and am working on some new fiber arts interests!  I'm not as avid a Pinterest user as I was earlier, but I do find it to be an amazing source of inspiration!  When I find myself struggling to find a new idea or a new fiber art to try, I turn there.  And most often, it works!

My most recent exploration and experimentation is multi-fold!  I find it so amazing that there are times when I have no interest, desire, or ability to find some new innovation, and then there are times when I have so many new ideas that I can't even sleep or find enough hours in the day to do it all.  Of course there are the interruptions in the creative process, like the gym (still hate it!), tennis, volunteering, my gallery, and all the usual household and personal necessities.  But here are the latest:


WILD and crazy Upcycle Doll Pins.  This is something I've always wanted to try, and every time I see one in a gallery or museum store, I want one.  Never bought one, but finally decided to try my own - using only recycled materials.  So far I've made SEVEN of them, shown them to a few people who seem to love them, but I haven't shown them yet to the gallery owners, who must approve them for sale in our shop.  Here are the first ones.

Each is handcrafted using a variety of media, all upcycled or newly created by MOI!  Donated "stuff" from many people - too numerous to mention.  Examples of recycled contributions: gourd pieces and copper sheeting from Dianne Masi, leather, suede, and some jewelry pieces from Rhea Adler, button faces from my DH and Dick Heiser, shells from our own Wrightsville Beach, recyled silk from my friend's sister; wire, beads, buttons, and yarn pieces from my stash, and a whole lot more.  SUCH FUN!!!

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