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Wednesday, April 04, 2012


I see that it's been far too long since writing here.  No real excuses....except that I was away for almost two weeks in two separate trips.  One was to FL to visit two of my dearest friends - Venice and Naples - sounds exotic, doesn't it?  Not so exotic, but a lovely change of routine, catching up with old friends, lots of consignment shopping, running around and relaxing!

I was home for a few days and then off to visit one daughter and family.  She had had surgery, so we helped out with kids, cooking, laundry, driving, groceries, etc.  It was a lovely visit there too, and I'm happy to report that our daughter is now doing MUCH better!  I also had an opportunity to visit with a high school and college friend whom I hadn't seen in several years.  Busy month!

But while I was busy traveling and then catching up with work at and for Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts (managing their Constant Contact newsletter, FB, and blog!), I also managed to have the best March sales record I've ever had!  I can't account for reasons why this has been such an active sales month for me, but I am certainly NOT complaining!

On one recent Saturday that I happened to be working at our gallery, I sold two of my highest priced items - that always makes for a great day/month.  This Turqs & Teal Wrapsody went out the door!

Wrapsodies have now become a custom design only! 
Made to order only with specific colors designated and/or sent to me in paint chips.

And this Birch Bark Schroodle also sold!

LOVE making these!  More of them can be seen here on flickr!  
I completed one last night in lovely shades of green.  Photo later today!

A lovely thing happened yesterday too!  I went to see my good friend and milliner, Jan Wutkowski of aMuse Artisanal Finery.  Jan carries a few of my things, and she happily told me that she had sold some during March.  I stopped by to collect my funds.  As I entered her gorgeous shop on 2nd Street in downtown Wilmington, I heard her say to a customer, "And here is the designer of that piece coming through the door right now!"  The woman had buttons in her hand that matched the dress she was making for the Kentucky Derby - the real Derby, not some local party!  The buttons perfectly matched one of my small shawls that Jan had displayed over a chair.  After showing her the various ways to wear it, she bought this one, lovingly called "Azalea Shawl."

It's been a great month!  I hope it continues through the year!  Got to get back into the creating mode!  I am making something new in bags, but I'll save that story for another post.

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