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Monday, January 09, 2012

Chateau Dumas Revisited!

The highlight of 2011 for me was winning a creative workshop at the Chateau Dumas in Auti, France (near Caussade, Montauban, and Toulouse). It was offered by Lizzie Hulme (owner, manager, designer, decorator, antique collector, and visionary) and posted on Chrissie Marshall's blog, Krishenka's Vintage Treasures.  The story of my win can be found on my blog.  Click here and here please.  I had written extensively about my Week of WOW upon my return from this dream trip, but somehow Blogger (not I, of course!) managed to lose the entire HUGE post.  I was so frustrated by the loss that I could never bring myself to rewrite it.  Moral of that story: write it in Word and then copy and paste it into Blogger!

Yesterday, Lizzie posted on FB the top photo, announcing the schedule of creative workshops to be offered there this year.  Much to my surprise, the items pictured are MINE!  (Not the urn and gourds!)  She had photographed a number of students' work on the last day of our stay, and I was always the one who went off on creative tangents to design items that we not necessarily holiday oriented.  Thanks to the enormously talented (and tolerant) Ros Badger and Anna Corba, our instructors for the week, who gave me wide berth to do my own thing, the photo depicts just some of the interesting pieces I made.

Trust me.....the work of ALL the other participants was far more elegant and painstakingly designed and executed!  I am a fiber artist but NOT in fabric, paper, stamping, embroidery, sewing, etc.  I learned so much and enormously enjoyed the company and creativity, the accommodations, excursions, meals, staff, and so much more!  We fast became friends while touring, creating, learning, eating, imbibing, and living together for a week.  I cannot say enough about this trip - for me it was heaven!

If interested in the most wonderful visit to France (for me always a grand delight!) while learning or honing creative skills, PLEASE check out ALL the pages of Chateau Dumas' website.  It is a feast for the eyes, while the actual chateau and all its accouterments will astound.


homemade said...

It was a pleasure working with you Louise and I hope I see you again soon.
The post is lovely . Happy New Year X

Louise Giordano said...

Thank you, Ros. The pleasure was all mine! Happy New Year to you as well! Hope you enjoyed your holidays!

Chrissie Marshall said...

Sorry you lost your post I have the t-shirt for that also and always use word first now. So pleased that you had such a great time there and wish I could get Lizzie to do another. Maybe one day:)

Louise Giordano said...

What tee-shirt? I did write about what a wonderful time on my blog - even before AND after I lost the post! It truly was THE highlight of my year, thanks to you, Chrissie! I doubt Lizzie can do it every year, just as I can't do such a trip every year. Let me know when you'd like to travel to the US. You are always welcome here!

Wendy Wise said...

I'm so glad you rewrote the post and that you had such a fantastic time at Chateau Dumas, I knew you would. I hope you'll return to these shores again and bring all your friends!!

Mary said...

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Louise Giordano said...

Thank you, MAry, for finding me. Can you lead me to your website or blog?

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