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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Scarf It Up Open House 2011

WOW!!!  I just realized that I haven't blogged in many weeks!  It's a busy time for everyone, so you probably haven't even noticed my absence.  ;)

Since my last post, I've had an incredible month of highs and not so highs!  On December 4, I hosted a very successful home show which brought a number of local people to view my work!  I am enormously gratified to report that they came, they saw, and they bought a lot! It was a happy day, and so I thought my Christmas shopping was well-covered!

Well, I was wrong, because the next day began a month of disastrous news on my car, an 11 year-old Volvo wagon with 150K miles on it.  I will NOT recount the saga (and it most definitely was one!).  Suffice it to say that the month's expenses on that car included three services, towing from Durham to Wilmington NC, a rental car, and $2000+.

And 6 year old iMac, a trusty old thing that I love and do not want to give up, gave me a HUGE scare.  Thanks to Jamie from Computer Medics, it has been salvaged for the time being, for a very small sum.  I do not want a new computer right now (we bought one for my husband this year!), and I do NOT want a new car, since we bought one in September.  I DID want to buy myself an iPad, but it will have to wait now for additional profits. are some (not so great!) photos from the Scarf It Up Open House!

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