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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Bags, Bags, Bags!

I didn't start out as a handbag designer.  I've never had a bag fetish, generally satisfied to carry the same purse for seasons at a time, changing only when going out in the evening (rare!)  I'm not even sure how I began making a variety of small bags for day and evening: Loop, Sacs Sauvages (Wild Bags), Sassy Sacs, Avatar, felted clutches, Rag Bags, woven bags, MOB (Mother of the Bride), Bridal Bags, etc. They emerged and people bought them.  The photo on my business cards has been for a very long time a special hand-felted bag that I made in a workshop, posted on this blog, where someone unknown to me bought it instantly!  
Avatar Bag

Sassy Sac
Sassy Sac
Hand-Felted Clutch
But more recently, the sales of these bags had slowed.  And then suddenly within a week, three of them went out the door!  So....naturally, this prompted an explosion of activity here: stash-searching and yarn shopping on Ravelry for just the right combinations of wool yarn, novelties, and recyclables for embellishment.  Found great choices in the stash, but also at Tuesday MorningEtsy, and Ravelry!  And so I seem to be on the bag-a-day diet, making bag after bag of small knitted and felted clutch bags. Actually, the timing is right!  They make perfect gifts and accessories for the upcoming holidays.
Wet-Felted Bag (my business card bag!)
Silky Rag Bag
Loop Bag
Bridal Bag
OMG!  As I'm writing this and reviewing the photos of all the bags (and more!) that I've designed and created in the last 10 years, WOW!!!!  I can't believe how many there are!  If you'd like to see more, please visit these sets on flickr:

Sac Sauvage

Mother of the Bride Bag

Felted Clutch
Woven Bag


Pam Kellogg said...

Oh Louise! I have loved your work since the first day I saw it on Etsy! These are all so gorgeous!

Woolen scarf said...

nice post! It’s something I have never thought about, really, but it makes a whole lot of sense. Thanks for sharing

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