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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Before & Laughter by Sandra Moulin

I have a new job!  

I am so excited to announce my affiliation with good friend and humorist, Sandra Moulin, who has just published her FIRST book, Before and Laughter, now available from Amazon.   Sandy is one of my few friends who "cracks me up!"  I always need a friend like that who listens well and can humor me through life's trials and tribulations.  There are few people in the world, let alone in MY world, who hold that distinction.  So I welcome her friendship, her new book, and my new role as editor of her SECOND book, now in progress.

Read a few notes from her website/blog, and you'll instantly see what I mean:  F U N N Y ! ! !  She easily sees the humor in the most mundane of life's experiences and manages to convey meaning and comic relief through visual imagery and straight talk.  She's like George Carlin - without the cursing - able to see fun and laughter and humor where others might see tragedy, disappointment, and dread at reaching "a certain age."  I am honored to be part of her process and encourage you to visit her website, read excerpts and reviews, and consider ordering her book.  Signed copies are available directly from the author via PayPal.

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