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Friday, March 11, 2011

Sandra Singh Giveaway of Jane Thornley Patterns

Want to be inspired?  You have got to see Jane Thornley's designs!  She and I discovered a couple of years ago how similar our work is - and we've both been doing our own designs for years!  She described us as "kindred spirits!"  THAT is a huge compliment from someone of her talent!  Every time I look at her work, I want to create something in those colors or patterns or yarns!  And I always want to read her blog, patterns, inspirations, and suggestions!

Culture Fusion
For a year I was part of her Inspired Knitters Club and enjoyed reading ever issue.  I always found inspiration from her musings, her work, her color, and her choice of yarn.  But I hate using patterns and so I always reverted to something of my own, "borrowing" her inspirations!  Thanks, Jane!  I will cherish those issues forever and often just reread them because 1) she writes so well and with such passion and 2) her designs move me to create!

Now....Sandra Singh is offering a giveaway of TWO Jane Thornley patterns on her blog! And you need to explore Sandra's website, offering yarn of quality and PERFECT for Jane's designs!  My two favorites of the day (yes, that changes daily!) are shown here!


Krishenka said...

Beautiful items love the colours. I used to knit (slowly ) years ago and I would like to again but never seem to get around to it. Will pop over and have a look though at Sandra's blog. Thanks

Leyla Navab ArtSilk said...

Lovely colors. I find this item to be very wearable and easy to mix with a lot of the clothes I already own. Awesome piece!

We create silk shawls and scarves painted just like a painting. Please visit us. :)

Sandra Singh said...

Its been a pleasure to meet you and thank you so much for posting about my giveaway! Make sure to take a look at my blog later, I have a new one up!

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