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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Preparations for a Home Trunk Show

Woven Crochet Scarf
by Louise Giordano
Am I nuts?  Do I really want to do this to  myself?  Will I be ready in time?  Do I have enough stuff?  Do I have too much stuff?  Should I take stuff out of my other galleries for those two days?  (Can't do that!) Will people come?  Will they buy?  Will they feel obligated to buy?  (Don't want THAT!) Will parking be the problem I think it will?  WILL I EVER SLEEP AGAIN???

I should really be a pro at this, having done several home shows in the past, including one successful one at my home four years ago.  Yes, it's easier to do it at home than elsewhere, but still it's a lot of work.

I've asked two other talented wearable fiber artists to join me for this show:  Carol Langer, creator of fabulous tapestry handbags, and Rebecca Yeomans, designer of VERY unique knitted jewelry.
Rebecca Yeomans
Carol Langer
In addition, there will be some beaded creations from my daughter, Andrea Williams, millinery from Jan Wutkowski,  and perhaps some pottery from my husband!  It should be a show that appeals to all!

I live in a very lovely community in Wilmington NC, called Porters Neck Plantation and Country Club where I've felt overwhelmingly supported (both in my fiber art, but also in dealing with a variety of family medical issues through the years.)  So....some 400+ people have received a Constant Contact invitation (and then a correction in the times! But that's another story of impulsivity, perfectionism, and craze!)  And I've encouraged Carol and Becky to invite their people and for everyone bring a friend.  It could be crowded - and then I'll have parking issues!  Oh well, it WILL all work out!

The show/sale is scheduled over two days:  Thursday, December 2 from 2 - 6 and Friday December 3 from 11 - 4.  I'm hoping that people don't decide to all come at once.

Door prizes, refreshments, giveaways, and price reductions for all will be part of the draw, I hope.

So....I am in the middle of knitting and crocheting like mad, tagging items, making giveaways, spray painting display pieces, making pumpkin breads, planning placement of tables and displays for all the artists all throughout the house, thinking about the family coming for Thanksgiving next week (food shopping and prep; house cleaning and prep because I have to clean up my studio in order to accommodate my family), making additional shawl pins and felted buttons, and on and on and on ad nauseam!  Sleep?  What the heck is that???

But I am excited - both for Thanksgiving - my favorite holiday! - and for the show and sale.  More updates as we approach.  Happy holiday preparations to all!  More to follow.....................

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