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Thursday, May 06, 2010


I get bored easily!  I like variety of activities, especially in my art work.  I get tired of making the same old, same old - even when people like my styles and buy them.  I have developed and then abandoned a number of earlier styles or they have evolved in to something else.

Bloomin' Neck Spiral (Salmon)

I like fiber arts.  Most of my work is in knit and/or crochet, but I've dabbled in weaving, sewing, crewel, nuno and other felting, dyeing.  I keep coming back to knit and crochet, so I'm determined to fully explore those - but without patterns.  I'm stubborn that way.

Bloomin' Neck Spiral (Mauve)Presently, I'm working on variations of the Bloomin' Neck Garden design I created several weeks ago.  They have sold well, get LOTS of attention when I wear them, and have sold right off my neck.

In my shops and boutiques, they are difficult to display (and keep properly displayed).  Hanging on a hook or rack, they look like NOTHING but a long cord with stuff hanging near the ends.  Not sure how to rectify that.  They have sold well right from Facebook, because I'm able to show various ways to wear them. Feel free to Fan my Scarf It Up Page and to see the many photos on flickr.

Bloomin' Spirals (Mauve)
Bloomin' Neck Spiral (Mauve)

The new Bloomin' Neck Spirals make use of crocheted cord, flowers with a twist - literally! and spirals or corkscrews or curlicues dangling from some of the flowers and sometimes from each end as well.  The fun is in the colors, textures, mixtures of color and texture, and using up stash yarn to create something intriguing, functional, funky, flirty, and just plain fun!

See for yourselves and PLEASE comment on this new design.  I always appreciate feedback - good or bad.  Even criticisms spur on the creative juices.

And another: 
Bloomin' Neck Spiral (Periwinkle)


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