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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Jane Thornley and The Inspired Knitting Club

WOW!!!  I gave myself an inspired birthday present by joining Jane Thornley's group, The Inspired Knitting Club!  I've been following Jane's work for a over a year, realizing long ago that our work is quite similar, but that she is indeed INSPIRED!!!  She works magic with color, texture, and stitch in ways that I hadn't quite figured out yet or that I had not yet tried.  As I described myself in an earlier posting, I consider myself a knitter - not a Knitter!  Jane is a Knitter!

You simply MUST check out her website and blog!  And if so inspired, I invite you to join The Inspired Knitters Club, join her groups on Ravelry, and simply fill yourself with the wondrousness of her work, her themes, colors, fibers, her inspirations!


Interesting to me is the fact that I've been essentially creating "free-range" (to use Jane's term) designs for many years, starting with my Bernadetta line:

Cachecol Line:

And Hobo Scarves:

I love the interplay of color, light, stitch definition, and design in freeform.  So I've experimented with knit and crochet together (scrumbling) and continue to stretch myself to learn new techniques.  Jane's group and her work seem to be JUST what I've needed as the proverbial "shot in the arm" of creativity.  Thanks, Jane!

Here is a shawl that combines my own usual style with some of Jane's stitch designs worked in.


And here is my latest Jane Thornley inspiration - in progress:

Shell Shawl

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Joan said...

Louise, your work is beautiful.
I, too, have been enjoying Janes work for some time. I love the colours and her free style as I see you do too.
Congratulations on your work!

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