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Monday, February 08, 2010

The FINAL Challenge!

I'M DONE!!!!
This is the FINAL Creation with the Challenge Yarn!

Ultimately I managed to create two crocheted pieces with the Challenge Mess!  (And then I gave the remaining yarn to my friend, Ginny!)  God bless her and Ann and Betty, all of whom worked on untangling the last of the mess during Super Bowl at Ginny's house - all while I was working to complete the Challenge Freeform Neckwrap shown above.  The final result is not all bad, but I was very happy to donate the last of the yarn to ANYONE who wanted it.  If Ginny hadn't wanted it, I'd have offered it to anyone at tonight's Stitch Group meeting!

I have learned my lesson (maybe!) about the Sale Bin!  And I've learned a lot about interesting slubbed yarn that needs winding before use.  This one has tried my patience to the limit, but I am delighted to have been able to make SOMETHING from it.  Now I need to wash my hands of it - for good.  

I hope someone will be interested in buying either of them.  They are most definitely NOT my colors, plus I doubt I could ever happily wear either the Loopy or the Neckwrap.  However, I do hope someone will appreciate the time, patience, and frustration that went into creating each piece and take them off my hands (neck..........whatever!)

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Little T said...

Your scarf is beautiful I can't believe you were able to get it untangled and in doing so created that amazing piece. I am beginning to sell my scarves, actually official started today. I love your designs some are mind boggling to me. Yay no more challenge/sale bin yarn. It does look great though.

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