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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Breath of Spring? YES! But not outside!

Certainly NOT in Wilmington NC!  I've never worn so many layers in my life!  And that's INSIDE my house!  Funny how when we moved here in 2004 from RI, the weather seemed perfect, never cold, snowy, icy, impossible!  This winter has been the worst, prompting dreams of Florida or anywhere warmer than here.  I guess I've become acclimated to Southern weather - and other things too!

Breath of Spring Shawl

The other day I actually wore my silk long underwear - something I haven't done since my skiing days MANY years ago.  I won't be wearing them anymore, because the dog promptly ate them when I left them for a sec.  Never saw that trick!  Having just received the Winter Silks SALE catalog that very day, I think I'll order a replacement immediately.  I'd like to order a new dog (or NO dog!)

Breath of Spring Loopy

Anyway, I'm working on Spring things!  Some of my galleries/boutiques are thinking forward and asking for lightweight accessories in light colors.  My latest idea (also an idea for reorganizing my stash) is to make a line of different styles in the same colors, using the same/similar yarns and fibers.  It's also a way to use stash - until I get nervous because I'm depleting some of my favorite (discontinued) yarns.  THAT makes me crazy!

A Breath of Spring evolved from this request by owners of several venues where I sell my work.  Pastel colors are difficult for me, because I can't wear them.  They make me look completely washed out!  But I've learned well that others love them, crave them, and look amazingly gorgeous in them.  So.....if I want to sell my work, I need to make something for everyone.

Breath of Spring Flowery Neckwrap
(Sold on FB last night!)

I've been blessed (and nightmared!) with Facebook, that mysterious and addictive online social networking site.  It is compelling, confusing, confounding!'s beginning to be a selling venue for me too, and for that I am grateful!  I've met and made wonderful, supportive new friends and fans through FB, and now I've met and made new buyers!

And one in particular has become a frequent buyer!  I post photos on FB, and she buys!  Thank you, dear buyer, whose confidence I will respect.  But thank you all the same!  You KNOW who you are!  She has bought these recently and has become my BEST private client in YEARS!



So....I will continue to produce springy thingies going forward with hopes that they will be successful!  Feel free to comment with your impressions and/or new ideas for me! 

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Denise Vitola said...

The scarf in the bottom picture is my absolute favorite! I love the texture and the pale, springtime colors. Bravo on a beautiful creation. Denny

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