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Monday, November 30, 2009

The Gallery Gift Guide

As part of my role as newsletter editor for Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts, I try to develop ideas for marketing our products and our shop to a wide audience.  Our 17 (the current number) local artists in clay, wood, fiber, jewelry, basketry/gourds, and mixed media are enjoying excellent sales in this post-Black Friday time period.  But we'd like to give our fans a taste of talents.

To that end, I am making myself CRAZY!!!!!  We decided to put together a Holiday Gift Guide with photos that represent that various talents of our artists.  I'm using Mosaic Maker from BigHugeLabs to create a mosaic of our work by genre.  Easier said than done.  I NEED PHOTOS of the work of all our artists.

Some of our artists have an online presence; some do not.  The ones that do allow me to "pull" their photos from those websites; others have sent their photos via email.  I've taken more while working at the Gallery. Problem is......some work, some don't; some are too big; some are too tall or too wide.  The Mosaic Maker has its limitations, and so do I.    And I can't create the mosaics until I have all the photos by genre from the various artists, because Mosaic Maker will not save it for future editing - you have to start all over from scratch.  It's a BEAUTIFUL program (with limitations!)

Here's one I made from Sara Westermark's jewelry:

Jewelry by Sara Westermark

and here's the first one I did with our three basketmakers / gourd artists Dianne Masi, Melanie Walter, and Dory Maier.

Gourds & Baskets at Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts

More to come as the photos roll in - or as I take more tomorrow and Thursday.

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