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Monday, October 12, 2009


I have NEVER done a (booth) show before!  IF you had asked me on Saturday, I would have told you unequivocally that I was OUT of "show" business for ever and ever - don't ever tempt me again!  October is normally a GORGEOUS month weather-wise here in Southeastern NC, but Saturday proved to be a challenge!  Record-setting heat and humidity made for dreadful conditions for Art in the Arboretum.  My space (I'm including BEFORE and AFTER photos of my area), was in the Gatehouse, a cute covered enclosure with wrought iron gates at both ends.  The cinderblock walls were painted off-white, and although a little worn and in need of a paint job, they formed an excellent backdrop for my colorful creations, and especially for the Cape Fear Bonsai Society display directly across from me.  What a sight that was to behold all weekend!

And the gates........they proved to be PERFECT for hanging lots of shawls and bags!  My assistants did an extraordinary job with the displays!  

That's Sara Westermark's remarkable jewelry
 in the case.

Sunday was a different story (thank goodness!) because I was ready to call it quits after the first day!  But after completely crashing on Saturday night (heat stroke, probably!), I actually woke up feeling far more renewed and energetic than I thought I would EVER feel again.  So a new positive attitude prevailed, and I returned to the Arboretum, and set up my work again.  Beautifully cool, dry weather prevailed and with it came throngs of visitors and some very good sales.  I am so grateful for them all, as I am for my good friends who served as my assistants: Ginny on SCORCHER day - what a trooper she was!; and Alane on Sunday - what a saleswoman and model she was!  Ginny would have been a super saleswoman too had anyone wanted to touch, let alone try on or WEAR fiber neckwear.  


And since so many of you do, you KNOW what a big deal it is to shlep (and I assume you all know THAT word!) all the display materials, signage, business cards and other marketing pieces, mirrors, busts, tables, draping, racks, and on and on and on.  And that's not even counting your product!  I am fortunate that fiber weighs nothing compared to some other artwork.  The persons sharing space with me inside the gatehouse were a potter (complete with wheel) and the bonsai person with specimens that must have weighed HUNDREDS of pounds!

AND last but not least, GLOWING kudos to the Wilmington Art Association and the NHC Arboretum and the 100s of volunteers who made this event happen!  Special thanks to Barbara Bear Jamison and Niki Hildebrand for their assistance and encouragement to me throughout the event!  

~ What a beautiful event! ~

Click on the photos for larger views.

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