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Monday, October 26, 2009

Recent ETSY Treasuries

I've been remiss!  I've been an Etsy seller for 2.5+ years, but recently (well, maybe more than just recently!) I've neglected my shop due to excellent activity and sales at my local B&M venues!  I'm not complaining, but really, I simply haven't got the time needed to devote to Etsy right now.  It always is a good idea to maintain an online presence, and I will NOT let my shop items diminish to zero, I promise.  I think I have created an online presence through facebook, twitter, targeted emails, and now with Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts and a newly instituted Constant Contact email newsletter (that I am editing).

While I was active on Etsy, I loved to curate Treasuries, and of course I always appreciate being included in those of others.  Recently I've been in two, and so it is my practice to showcase them here - along with the various curators, their shops, and an itetm from their respective shops that could fit right into their own Treasury.  So here goes....................!

This is Fabulous Fibers and Fibres by JanineMaves, and it is still viewable here.  So lovely!  And here is Northern Lights from her shop.  It's a dramatic painting on silk - as fabulous as her Treasury!

And in the last week or so, seragun created this lovely Aqua Treasury that included one of my pieces of fiber art.

Aqua Treasury by seragun
Here is crochet lacework turquoise necklace by seragun! Beautiful!

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hobi elişlerim said...

I am very hapy to see my necklace and treasury in your blog,this is my blog .I add you,
Thank you vey mutch

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