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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Governor's Cup

Tony WON It!!!

Don't ask me what governor* is it or what the name means, but......just know how proud I am of my DH who won the whole event (it's golf, in case you didn't know!) yesterday in our community!  The remarkable thing is how little golf he's played in the last year - due to many illnesses, hospitalizations, and recovery times.  I would guess that he has actually played only about SIX out of 12 months!

The Governor's Cup is a series of matches, by flight*, played out over the course of several months.  DH played and won four matches during the summer, beating some pretty tough opponents each time.  I think he surprised himself with each win!  

In July, after all these matches were played, DH went into the hospital for a second cardiac ventricular ablation** which required - in his case due to coumadin** - a week's stay and then 6 weeks of recovery (limited physical activity.)  By some stroke (no pun intended!) of luck, the final round play-off wasn't scheduled until yesterday.  There had been nine flights, and so the winners of each of those flights competed yesterday. 

Tony began play again after his ablation about a month ago, so he had had a break from it, and who knew if he could match the competition.  NO WORRIES!!!!  He beat out a much younger scratch* player to win the entire competition!

Now I would like to say that he has won millions, no thousands, no hundreds of $$$ like the pros, but alas, he doesn't even know what he's won.  It's no doubt credit to our Pro Shop and a trophy - no complaints!  I'm really tickled for him - because he's worked hard for it and for his health!  Today he also learned that he had won "Closest to the pin*."

Now if you are not a golfer (and I AM NOT!!!), then you may not know what these terms mean.  But don't ask me!  I'm afraid I can't help you - go ask YOUR DH!!!  

But I do know one thing..........he was wearing his red shirt.  


* Golf terms you'll have to ask YOUR DH about!

** Medical terms referring to the heart and heart-related procedures/medications.

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