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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Fiber Folks at aMuse Artisanal Finery, Wilmington NC

Is Ginny's Quilt EXQUISITE or WHAT???

Fiber Folks at aMuse--Felting, Knitting, Painting, Quilting, Hatmaking
by Jan Wutkowski, Milliner, aMuse Artisanal Finery

Last night I hosted the first meeting of a group of local fiber artists. It is something I've been wanting to explore for about two years--a group that loves working with all fibers and fabrics, loves to paint, stitch, structure, manipulate, dye, discharge, yeah, do about anything to them. And with beautiful results!

So we got together, got very excited about what each of the others was doing with their work, what we could learn from each other, and decided to keep getting together in the future to learn new skills from each other, to learn of resources (classes, publications, etc.), and to support each other.

What processes were represented? Felting, knitting/crocheting, floor cloth painting, quilting, and hatmaking. Everyone brought either samles of their work or a portfolio. Lots of surface design examples. Below you see the group, minus me--l to r--Nancy, Ginny, Louise and Diane. Hoping the group will grow as we find others who have a love of all things fiber/fabric.

I'll be posting some of our work as we progress. But before our next meeting in November each person will be working on a 'challenge' piece to share with the group. Everyone is to take an 8" square of fabric, or create an 8" square of felt, then stitch it, paint it, dye it, distress it, discharge it, work it work it work it. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! I'll show it when I see it.

This was a fabulous meeting - with amazing artists in fiber and fabric. I am so looking forward to continuing the discussion and learning and sharing. Never have I had this kind of opportunity, and I relish it.


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bellajoya said...

What a coincidence running across your blog! I, too, live in Wilmington, and although I don't work with fiber or felt, I truly admire what you do, your things are beautiful and congratulations on your success. (Another strange coincidence...I also taught a foreign language for 3 years!) Congrats!
-Marcie Abney

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