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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Around the Map! a very short period of time, we traveled from NC to NJ, to MA, to RI, and then to MD before returning to NC in SIX days! It's not exactly my kind of travel, especially since I had to do ALL the driving on the return side! Tony IS driving but no longer on highways. Roberta and I shared the driving on the way north, but I did it all once we deposited her in MA. Other than two days exploration of Annapolis, we moved from place to place very quickly, seeing very few of our friends in New England.

Tony is clearly NOT comfortable away from his doctors and hospital here in Wilmington - that has now become quite clear, so if I want to visit more extensively, I'll have to do it alone, assuming he is well enough to leave alone. I'm STILL trying to get my insurance refund from my missed Alaska trip! So there's no way I'll plan anything that requires reservations, hotels, planes, etc.

Anyway, we're home safe and sound. I'm tired AND my knitting has suffered enormously! All those hours in the car that I usually spend creating was spent instead DRIVING!!!! HOWEVER.........I visited a yarn store in Littleton, MA and another in Annapolis, and while the actual knitting may have suffered, THE STASH definitely DID NOT!!!

These are some of the creations from my visit.
Frilly Scarf Black

While in The Wolfpack in Littleton, MA where I had sold several of my jewelry pieces last summer, I noticed that most of them were still there, unsold, and looking lost amidst the voluminous amounts of yarn and accessories, I asked to buy them back because I really believe that I can sell them in one of my local venues. Here are four that I brought home and expect to sell soon, I hope. They are all handcrafted - crochet necklaces coordinating with wired button and bead pendants.

Ayer Bead & Button Jewelry Ayer Bead & Button Jewelry Ayer Bead & Button Jewelry Ayer Bead & Button Jewelry

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The Treadler said...

What fun I've had perusing all of your creative woolen activities. Interesting and inspiring woolen endeavors going on!

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