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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

GRIFF Graduates!

Griff Graduates!
So many of my readers knew our Max, our 11.5 year old PBGV who died in September '08. His loss is still with us. However, after six months sans dog, we adopted another PBGV, whom we have named Griff! Griff is now 5.5 months old, quite different from ole Max, but adorable and fun nonetheless. WE'RE JUST OLDER!!! (read that "Too old!" perhaps!)

Griff was born on January 20 in Florida at Charlen Kennels. He came home with us on March 17. There are a number of earlier photos here in the set labeled "PBGV." For those who don't know this breed, it stands for Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen. Now doesn't that help??? It's a French breed, the translation of which is literally Small Basset Hound from the Vendee region of France. Full grown, he'll be about 35-40 lbs, non-shedding, with a diverse voice, and a happy personality.

Griff is about 20 lbs now, so he has a ways to growth as well as in comportment! BUT.....he DID graduate from Puppy Pre-School last week, and here are photos from his graduation "ceremony!" Going to these four training classes at Dog Train in Wilmington NC were the highlight of my weeks. At a difficult time in our lives, this weekly hour of training, discussion, and free play made me laugh my head off. Pretty lame to have this the highlight of my week, but so it is and c'est la vie!

Here is a group photo of his GRADUATING CLASS!


Endless Sunner said...

Congratulations to Griff!

Rog said...

Griff trains the humans I think!

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