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Saturday, May 02, 2009

F A V O R I T E S !

Having a HUGE stash is never quite enough!  My daughter asked me the other day, "Mom, why do you keep buying yarn when you have so much already?"  She doesn't knit!  Anyone out there who does knows the answer to this!  DUH!!!

I have very limited resources in my town for buying the types of yarn I use: high-end, half-price or more, variety, closeouts, single skeins.  I make accessories, never sweaters or anything that requires two (sock, gloves, mittens), and I always mix yarn types, colors, textures.  My work is all about color and texture - period!  I can't buy wholesale because I don't want or need multiples of the same fiber.

Having moved to NC from New England where yarn stores abound, I've become an Internet yarn junkie, constantly searching for the best prices, the best shipping, and the BEST yarns and fibers.  Sooooo.....I thought it would be fitting to post a list of my favorite online yarn shops - for anyone who's interested!

A frustration with online buying is that when I NEED something in particular, I can usually find it, BUT.....I always like to look around further in the same shop for other bargains (I'm a bargain-hunter in the rest of my life too!) to make the shipping charges worth my while.  For custom orders, that sometimes means paying too much in shipping because I often have to buy from multiple venues.

But this list may be valuable to others, and I hope that other fiber artists will contribute to the list by adding their best bargain yarn sites in the comments section.  PLEASE, however, only add places you've found that discount high-end and/or hand-dyed/hand-spun yarns.

MY FAVORITES of the moment - in no particular order:


ebbandflo said...

thanks for sharing (and great to read your blog too). Ill have to bookmark some of these links - i also only buy really small quantities of fibre for my projects, i prefer the really tiny bags of hand dyed roving which don't seem to exist!
keep on making your incredible works.

Scarf It Up! said...

Thanks so much for your comments! They are very appreciated! Going to take a look once again at your work!

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