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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend with Family and Griff

Easter 2009 with Family

The family came for the weekend - mostly to meet and play with Griff! And why not? He's entirely more fun than Grandpa and Grandma! But fun we had! It included lots of food, lots of pup-play, fun at the beach, ice cream, more food, some interesting discussions, and finally Easter Brunch at our Club. Here are some photos to mark the event. BTW, it had been some time since our SIL and grandchildren had seen Tony. All remarked at how well he looks now - and I can tell you, the transformation has been absolutely amazing! He's B - A - C - K!!!

Easter Sunday 2009

Katarina, almost 15

Alex, 12; Chris, 10

Son-in-law, Jim

Andrea took the photos, so she's not in any!

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