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Monday, April 27, 2009

Bags, Bags, and More Bags!

Scarves are NEVER passe! However, I am a bit tired of making them (except for my line of Cachecols - that make wonderful Winter Wear (all my Down Under customers might enjoy seeing them on flickr right now. So I've turned my attention (for now anyway!) to bag-making: knitted, felted, handfelted, Artfelted!) They are taking over my life! Many styles are viewable on flickr. Take a look at any of the sets labeled with "Bags" or "Felt."  And mostly I'm addicted to felted clutch bags!

I am blessed with friends and family who give me their leftovers. If it's wool, I make a bag; if it's a novelty yarn, I incorporate it into a bag or one of my large multi-texture shawls or wraps that have been so popular. After so many people have so kindly gifted me with their stash, I am on a roll to give back (and forward!) by creating something with their donations. Here are some of the results:

For Bernice -

BBBag Felted Clutch

For Terri - from her mother's wool!

Terri's Clutch

More to come........!  One for Cheryll is in the works!


AltheaP said...

Wow, how well you put the disparate bits all together into a harmonious whole!

Scarf It Up! said...

Thanks again! That's what's so much fun about this! How is your work going? I spend almost zero time on Etsy these days. Need to list there and on 1000 Markets. How are YOUR sales?

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