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Monday, March 02, 2009

THIS is what happens when I leave for 24 hours!

We went to visit our daughter and grandchildren for all of 24 hours this weekend - to celebrate my birthday and that of both grandsons. It was also the first time we've gone anywhere except hospitals in many months, so that in itself was a wonderful birthday treat! My husband has improved significantly! So much so that we'll be off to FL next Sunday for 10 days, culminating in retrieving our new PBGV puppy, Griff! But that's another story!

While away this weekend, a pattern sold on Etsy, and I came home to find myself in TWO Treasuries! THAT hasn't happened in quite some time. thank the curators of these Treasuries, I showcase them here.

First, here is "Like a Soft Spring Breeze" by PaperParaphernalia - it's a delightful intro to Spring - which we sorely need, even here in North Carolina.

Like a Soft Spring Breeze by PaperParaphernalia

And here is an item from Paper's Etsy shop that would have its own place in this Treasury. It's called Origami Book Corners.

Reddy for Felt? by Sassalynne

Next there is this beauty from Sassalynne entitled "Reddy for Felt?"

Here is a felt example from Sassa's own hands: Sassa Lynne Fine Viscose Felt, Wine, Purple, Blue.

Don't you just LOVE these colors?


Carol Dean said...

What nice belated birthday presents for you, Louise! Congratulations :D

Myfanwy said...

So glad I could 'contribute' to your birthday treat without even knowing about it! Belated greetings, and thanks for the tribute and exposure for my piece of felt. Glad you like the colours!

knitsteel said...

Isn't it great when husbands are healthy? or at least healthier. I'm glad you are getting a break. and Congrats on the lovely treasuries.

Scarf It Up! said...

Thanks so much, everyone, for your kind BD wishes and other good wishes as well!

Happy Monday!

TheClayMuse said...

Oooh Congrats! And happy recent birthday (sounds better than belated doesn't it?)
And yes, the colors in that felt picture are mesmerizing!

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