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Friday, January 30, 2009

Newest Works from Scarf It Up!

Several weeks ago I pulled together all manner of yarn and fibers in shades of cream, ivory, beige, silver, white to create a shawl for aMuse Artisanal Finery, at the suggestion of owner, Jan Wutkowski. So I did!

Then I went a little crazy with this color theme, really loving all these neutral shades together. SO......I then made a Hobo bias scarf, a Sac Sauvage, and finally a new cachecol in both freeform knit AND crochet - all studies in cream and beige. The effect is very pleasing to MY eye. The Hobo is listed on Etsy; the shawl and Sac Sauvage will go to aMuse, and the cachecol is going today to Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts. Additional views on flickr.

Cachecol - other views here.

Creamy Freeform Cachecol - better pix!

Creamy Freeform Cachecol - better pix!


Studies in Cream and White - Shawl/Wrap

Sac Sauvage

Studies in Cream and White - Sac Sauvage

Hobo Scarf

Studies in Cream and White - Hobo Scarf

Thanks for looking! Have a GREAT day!

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Pam Kersting said...

Louise- Those are ALL stunning! I am so amazed at your talent!

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