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Friday, November 14, 2008

S U C C E S S !!!!

I think that by any measure, we can call yesterday's Holiday Show of Wearable Art at Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts a successful event! The Gallery looked beautiful - fully decked out with - not the usual holiday decor - but with all the usual unusual and unique items from the 21 member artists, AND with a large number of additional items that Sara Westermark and I added to truly make it a Wearables Show! AND it was FUN!

We greeted a ton of people, gave away about a dozen handmade door prizes graciously donated by participating artists from our Gallery, and we enjoyed a glorious day - despite the weather. Sara's husband made the cake that beautifully depicted photos of our work on top. It was a luscious replica of Sara and Hans' wedding cake (minus the artwork, of course!) and not in design, but in taste! Thanks, Hans!

Excitement or fatigue got the better of me and I woke up at 3 AM this morning. By 5, I knew I had to get up, and I've been working non-stop: empty the car, reorganize the goods and display pieces, reassign items to various venues and retag pieces, do the inventory, develop an e-list to send thank you notes, send the notes, catch up with other orders, emails, phone calls, etc. 13 hours later, nothing has yet reached my studio. All the display pieces are sitting at the foot of the stairs. But I CAN see my laundry room floor AND the tops of the washer and dryer. That IS progress!

I'd like to show photos of the event, but I forgot my camera. I think/hope that Sara has a photo of the cake and maybe some other views. In the absence of that, here are some examples of her work and mine. OH, and BTW, keep watch on Sara's Etsy shop for an upcoming sale. And I noticed that she listed a number of new things in her shop TODAY! Go see!

Thanks go to so many people affiliated with Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts! Many of the artists donated items for door prizes - which were well-appreciated by the attendees. Special thanks to Pat and Pat and Sybil - you know who you are - who worked with us ALL day and well into the evening to help make this show move along smoothly and seamlessly. We DID it, guys!

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