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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Carol Dean Sharpe of Sandfibers!

Carol Dean Sharpe of Sandfibers!  My 'Bbest' cyber-friend!

The woman behind SandFibers has become my best cyber-friend, through long conversations on IM, the kind of sharing that one doesn't often have with real, in-the-flesh friends.  She has been my rock through some pretty horrific times in the past year.  Her counsel is always valued: sincere, honest, practical, and always right on!  She lives in New Mexico; I live in North Carolina.  We've talked on the phone once but never met.  Perchance that will happen one day.....!

Carol and I have also shared art!  We have collaborated on projects, and I am the proud owner of several of her pieces, most of which we traded.  She has several of my bags (and scarves too, I think!)  In addition, she has tagged me twice!!!  So.....I am returning the favor.  But first.............!

Yesterday I found myself in one of Carol's awesome Treasuries, "perchance to dream."  It's a beauty - all creamy and dreamy!

perchance to dream by Sandfibers!

I like to feature artists who feature me in their Treasuries by showcasing one of their pieces that would fit right into their own Treasury. So here is Falcon Felted Beaded Pendant. Carol is best known for her beadweaving, but the Fiber in SandFibers is equally talented. I love this piece that so beautifully combines her talents!


santy said...

nice scarf and nice blog.
my grand mom love it woll scarf!
but i like silk scarf more.

Eleni said...

So creative!! Would like to have some beautiful tips for home decoration from you.

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