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Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Third Nuno Felt Batch

I did it! Another batch of nuno felt on my collection of silk chiffon scarf pieces. These came out quite well - thinner and finer than earlier ones as I deliberately used less wool on each on. It produces a lightweight, very drapable fabric for various uses. My ideas for their use: journal covers, short scarves or scarflettes, brooches, and more.

See larger versions of each of these pieces on flickr.

Now that this seems to be working - although the process for each batch takes a full day of labor - I've ordered some more wool roving in more colors. I've been reluctant to buy too much in the way of materials for handfelting because I do NOT need a new stash of stuff to store somewhere. HOWEVER, now that I've managed to produce some nice, interesting samples, I think I can safely have more on hand to use when needed. The laborious nature of the nuno felting process suggests that I won't be doing this day of felting more than once or twice a month. My body is rebelling! LOL!

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