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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Combining Mediums and Revisiting Artwork!

Recently I've dabbled in creating funky, wired, button and bead jewelry using both vintage and new materials! They've been fun to make and quite successful! I also recently learned and continue to experiment with nuno felt, designing brooches with the samples I've made to date. Some of those have already sold, and the interest in them seems to be excellent! So.....the natural progression seems to be to combine mediums to create brooches to be worn as an embellishment to a hat, purse, jacket, coat, or whatever - even your coffee table as a conversation piece. You know....some people have large, attractive and engaging books on their coffee tables. Who's to say you can't have a large pin or brooch sitting there on its own or in a beautiful bowl?

Last night I finished two such creations! One of them had a former iteration, called Freeform Frenzy that had been listed on Etsy in my Etsy shop. But now it has a new life, combined with nuno felt. It's on the right.

The other one combines vintage and new buttons, beads, copper wire, and crocheted fiber along with a nuno felted sample - all wrapped up into one fabulous brooch! It now resides at aMuse Artisanal Finery in Wilmington, where I have developed (as of TODAY!!!) a lovely professional relationship with Jan Wutkowski. I left 14 of my pieces at her adorable shop - so here's hoping they are successful for me and for Jan!

I think I really LOVE multimedia work and hope to continue producing other pieces to please every taste!

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Carol Dean said...

It looks like your finding your milieu, my friend! Congratulations :D

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